By the time you’re 30, your salary should be P120,000

You’re in your 30s, and you’re reading this entry. It seems like your initial reaction is to be hurt by the above statement that is far from reality of what’s happening in your life. Read on, sigh, and reflect on how to make your salary times four of your current age.

By the time you’re 30, your salary should be P120,000
By Dan Magallanes
Last updated 06:52pm (Mla time) 10/06/2007

YES, you read it right. By the time you reach the age of 30, your salary level should be four times your age. If not, go and check what’s wrong with your career. See a career doctor. Don’t trust your self-assessment.

It is not a do-it-yourself thing. There was a time I was experiencing a severe stiffness in my neck and I was supposed to meet the CEO of a multinational company over dinner in Hong Kong. On my way to the airport I dropped in at Lourdes Hospital to see its director, Dr. Jose M. Pujalte, a world-class orthopedic surgeon. He prescribed a tiny tablet which cost me more than the price of an Emma Shapplin CD. But presto, upon reaching the check-in counter at Ninoy Aquino International Airport, I felt relieved and ready for the short flight and brain boggling meeting that very same day.

Lesson in life–don’t trust yourself in areas beyond your competencies.

Farm it out. Hire a professional consultant. I am a consultant myself, but beyond my expertise, I hire only the best. I am prepared to pay the high price because quality for me is expensive. Career planning has being done in the first world a long time ago.

In the Philippines, we don’t do it that’s why we still remain in the third world class. It becomes a dictate from home. (more…)


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Career is never learned at school

Welcome to Career 101!

I have been working for the past 9 years. I learned a great deal about career, management types, how managers can make or break one’s career, how to spot a mentor or coach in a workplace, and a lot more. All those nine years are a mixture of happiness and sadness. Within those nine years, I have worked for others for 6.5 years, and the remaining 2.5 years I have worked for myself. It’s better to work for our own self than for others.

But life is evolving for me. I am still young, and I take adventure as much as I want to. That involves working again for others to taste a life about what’s there in a different culture away from home.

There are so many realizations. These are the same realizations that I have learned during the previous years. Now I say, career is never learned at school. I wish that schools will properly educate us on what’s out there when we go out of the four walls of our comfort zone – school.

This blog hopes to document what I learned about CAREER, and how to avoid CAREER PITFALLS. Learn from me as I learn from my own experience, and from my research.

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